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What keeps K. G. Mikkelsen riding

K. G. Mikkelsen was asked during an interview what drives him to keep riding. He was also asked what he loves about being a cyclist.
Written by Lilly M. Carlson on 16.09.2017, 05:40

On August 30rd at the MB Race we met with K.G Mikkelsen and interviewd him  about his career. It was interesting for us to hear how he accomplish the different race that he has participated in

What drives you?

"I have a community within cycling which I appreciate. They love cycling as much as I do. It is amazing to share each others stories. Both the good and bad side. I get inspired by the others and drives me to perform better on my competitions".

What do you love about being a cyclist?

"I am competitive and I like to see how far I can go. How I improve my performance. I am happier when I am on a bike, I feel very strong and confident and I just like the atmosphere. "

How is your life style?

"I train 6 times a week and some days I feel very strong with a lot of energi and sometimes I struggle a lot. It is all about trying to be motivated all the time and love your sport. If you don’t love what you are doing then it hard to make to the top. Sometimes you must feel the pain and up and downs, before experiencing your best. The important is not to give up. Take care of your training and eat healthy, most importantly take care of you body. It is important to feel when you need a breake."