FoodXervices Inc and GroXers Inc to distribute olive oil for babies

Gallo Baby Olive Oil is first targeted at infants and young children

Singapore– September 24, 2014 – FoodXervices Inc Pte Ltd (, a leading food distributor in Singapore, and GroXers Inc Pte Ltd ( today announced the availability of Gallo Extra Virgin My First Olive Oil, the first to be targeted at infants and young children.

With a very delicate flavour and low acidity of just 0.2 percent, this olive oil is ideal for introducing babies to their first soups. “As most mothers would know, essential oils are a key component to a child’s diet and Gallo Extra Virgin My First Olive Oil is an excellent option to start the weaning journey with. Similar to the fat present in the mother’s milk, it is perfect for making balanced, healthy and tasty baby food,” said Nichol Ng, Managing Director of FoodXervices Inc and GroXers Inc.

Also available are Gallo Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Gallo Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil, both of which are developed using a unique method to produce 100 percent naturally flavoured extra virgin olive oil without additional additives, flavouring or colours.

Ideal for cooking, Gallo Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a neutral flavour and low acidity of just 0.5 percent. It offers a smooth and balanced taste among sweet, bitter and spicy.

Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil has even lower acidity of 0.4 percent, making it suitable for seasoning light dishes such as white meat. With a mature flavour, the olive oil has a clean, bright, deep colour, and presents a delicate, fruity and distinctly sweet fragrance.

“With the market already saturated with many brands of olive oil, we are delighted to partner with Gallo, the leading olive oil producer in Portugal and one of the world’s largest olive oil brands. Gallo takes pride in the kind of oil that it produces and we are confident that Singaporeans will appreciate the quality olive oil,” said Ms Ng.

The Gallo products are priced at:

 *Gallo Extra Virgin My First Olive Oil, 250ml – $11.45

 *Gallo Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 750ml – $15.90

 *Gallo Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 500ml – $14.50

They are available at all Cold Storage and Market Place outlets, as well as at, which comes with free delivery for every $60 purchase.