Our Business



Ranked among Singapore’s top foodservice companies, FoodXervices Inc is a leading distributor of over 4,000 products catering to a wide variety of F&B and hospitality establishments. Essentially, we function like a hypermart to our customers, where they can select and purchase products in break-bulk fashion.

We take pride in servicing our customers like how a concierge would in a hotel, breaking the norms of any regular distribution company. At FoodXervices Inc, we treat every customer’s business as our own, providing not just physical products, but also creative ideas and inspirations to help them grow.

Our array of products range from cooking needs such as the common table salt and premium olive oil, to cleaning aids like the undermined dishwashing sponge and handy kitchen towels. In addition to our great house brands, we partner with many established international brands such as 3M, Arla, Emborg, Lee Kum Kee, McCain, Kimberly Clark Professional and Unilever to bring the best to your business.

What has kept us going in this business is the motto of “putting a thought into everything we do”, be it for our customers, partners and team. This philosophy has helped us grow in the last 80 years into who we are today.

The next time someone asks “Why FoodXervices”? It’s simply because we sweat the small stuff.