Our Heritage

FoodXervices Inc has our roots in the late 1930s when Mr. Ng Lim Song started Ng Chye Mong as a household provision shop, which later grew into a food trading business.

Operating from a humble shop house along Rochor Road, the business dealt with Chinese food delicacies as well as provision items such as canned and dried goods. In the 1960s, business at Ng Chye Mong picked up with the flourishing of Chinese restaurants in Singapore.

From the mid-1970s, Ng Chye Mong was taken over by Mr. Ng’s sons, who expanded the business into western food products so as to ride on the booming hotel trade. The business saw rapid growth through the 1980s as the popularity of western restaurants and hotels rose.

In 2002, Nichol Ng joined Ng Chye Mong to understudy her father, learn the ropes of the business and slowly began a major overhaul of the structure and operations. Her brother, Nicholas Ng, came on board in 2007 and together, they established FoodXervices Inc.

Through this 80-year journey, FoodXervices Inc has truly grown, from a single shop front with a handful of workers, into a modern corporation spanning 50,000 square feet of warehouse space and a staff strength of over 90. But no matter how much our façade has evolved, the core of our business is still grounded in the values passed down by our founder, Mr Ng Lim Song.